Be your own best friend and never feel lonely again...

For a long time I felt my journey was a one I walked alone. I have learnt through my working with many people and connecting with them on a deeper level that these emotions arise for many individuals. Many people may feel out of place or different to others (I know I have) this usually stems from a society that tries to fit us into a mould. But being different is what makes us unique, think how amazing it is there there is no one else on this earth quite like yourself! The best thing we can do is embrace our individuality and share it with the world! When we become our own best friend or cheerleader we encourage ourself to share our greatest self with others and inspire those along the way. I know I used to be the victim of my own negative thinking when one of my mentors said to me “you wouldn’t say this to me or your best friend now would you” and I replied with “no never”, “so why would you say this to yourself?” This got me thinking... Exactly why would I say this to myself and be so unkind on myself if I wouldn’t do the same to others. So I started to be my own best friend and learned to enjoy and embrace who I was, and the feelings of my journey alone became one accompanied by myself as my own best friend. Try this for yourself and I guarantee your journey through your life will be a much more pleasant and joyous one! Sending love and blessings - Namaste ❤️

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