Learn how to love yourself more, and heal your life.

For most of my life I spent most of my time battling the unkind mental chatter in my mind of "your not good enough", "your not pretty enough", "your too this, your too that", until I finally came to the point of constant exhaustion of feeling that I wasn't enough for anything. Something had to change I couldn't keep living my life like this. So I started working on myself. I started to change my thought pattern to the complete polar opposite of my negative thoughts. Negative thoughts don't serve us any purpose they only lower our vibrational frequency. Think about it when you think a thought that is unkind on ourself how does it make you feel? ....

Not very nice now does it? So when we are constantly doing this to ourself we are saying that we are not enough.

So what i did to change this was if I were to say "I'll can never loose weight", I would change it to "My body is healthy and well nourished", "My body easily and effortlessly maintains a state of health and wellbeing". Another good tip to prompt yourself is to wear a rubber band on your wrist and every time you think a negative thought you flick yourself, this prompts you that you are doing something that is not very nice to yourself. Soon enough you will start to learn that you get sick of the flicking of rubber bands and automatically turn that thought around.

Being a perfectionists is something that I have struggled with also, always trying to achieve high standards and picking away at everything to be perfect a lot of the time kept me from achieving very little at all. Waiting for the perfect moment in time for things to be perfect. So I started doing and started accepting things more as they were. I started being kinder on myself and my thoughts and the stage at life that I was in. I started to accept myself and love the qualities about myself more than the ones that I didn't and then I slowly started to notice the world around me change.

People stared being kinder to me and showing me more respect, I started to build more meaningful relationships with people and attract people around me that love and accepted who I am. When we can love and accept ourselves more we can heal our lives. Everyone on our journey is a mirror of ourselves. The way we treat ourselves is generally the way others will treat us. Everyone we meet is a stepping stone for us to heal but the healing must start firstly with ourselves if we wish to live our lives in harmony and state in which we are in alignment.