The practice of being present

By practicing the power of being present is to practice the power of being in the now. When we centre and realign ourselves to be in this moment, right here, and right now, we immediately raise our energetic vibration back to our souls vibration of a higher frequency. This being said we can alter our state of consciousness from being in a low vibrational energy frequency to coming back into a state of harmony.

When our mind starts to wander on a day to day basis our thought may start to send triggers and set of different emotional responses. We can start to feel anxious, depressed and overwhelmed. When we start to feel emotions such as depression or start to become in a depressive state, it is because we are having thoughts about things that have happened in the past. Our thoughts are bringing up memories that are connected to emotions that have had negative energetic vibration attached to them. When we start to become anxious we are thinking about things that haven't happened yet, things that we are worrying about and that may happen in the future.

Although we can become extremely overwhelmed with both extreme states of emotions, by bringing ourself back to the present we can no longer ponder either thoughts of what has not happened yet, nor can we change the past. Either states of these emotions are not a reflection of our soul, or being in now or the present moment. When we can stop for just a moment and observe ourselves we can automatically recenter and realign our emotional state.

We can do this in a few ways;

by connecting with the breath

by realising this is not who we are this is not our soul

and by making the decision to choose to express who we are fully in that moment

Sometimes we may get so caught up in our thoughts that we feel the thoughts choose, us but in fact we choose our thoughts. Every single thought that comes to us is a triggered response from the previous thought. Therefore it is only ourself that holds the power to choose the next though and shift us out of the negative thought pattern that may be triggering these emotional states.

It is a daily practice to become the observer of our thoughts. Where becoming consciously aware of how we can waste so much energy on going from one thought to another, to to end up in emotional states of depression and anxiety that does not serve us. Although we will never be able to get rid of the thoughts completely, the idea is to quiten the mind. Without the mind we would not be able to do anything creative or expressive, it is the mind that channels the thoughts so we can best express ourselves and do day to day tasks. But it is when we allow our mind to consume ourselves and well being, that we need to drop back into our heart space and the present moment in time that we choose to put an end to the suffering. As long as we can remain present we release the suffering.