ANANTA healing


A N A N T A  +  J A Y N E 


Jayne has always felt our purpose of life is to be enjoyed doing what we love, and experiencing all life has to offer. Jayne believes the key to our time on earth is joy and happiness, and to achieve this we need to remain in a state of wellbeing. This wellbeing can only occur when there is a total balance between mind, body and soul. When we are in harmony our life becomes limitless and we begin to experience all the joy, love and happiness we could have ever wished for, we become infinite. Which is where the word ANANTA comes from, meaning 'infinity' in ancient Sanskrit.

Jaynes passion and drive to make a difference in people's life has stemmed from her own life experiences, where she has had to do much inner work and healing to be able to shine light, and heal the lives of those she encounters. 

M O R E  A B O U T  J A Y N E 

Practitioner of Metaphysical Science (MsCP)


Counselling  (27 years)   Specialising in Suicide Prevention

Clinical Hypnotherapist   (18 years)

Master Life Coach            (14 years)

Master NLP Practitioner (15 years)

Reiki Master                      (18 years)

Strategic Life Interventionist (Tony Robbins)    (7 years)

Business Coach                 (14 years)

Sales & Marketing            (35 years)

Meditation Teacher         (18 years)


Practiced both in Australia and UK.

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" T H E   F U T U R E  

B E L O N G S  T O  T H O S E  W H O   B E L I E V E   I N  

T H E I R   D R E A M S "